Well I haven’t written in my blog in a very long time. YIPES!

Things sure have been crazy around Shakespeare’s world.

lets start from now and work our way back.

We moved… to a land far far away… I mean we drove at least an hour to get there! No more views like this for me.


A while before we moved, I got attacked by a mean ole GSD. He tore me up pretty good. what a mean dog ūüė¶ Now I’m very nervous around dogs that even remotely resemble German Shepherds ūüė¶

Before that we got a new addition to our family. She’s nuts. She’s a C-A-T!!! What was mom thinking? Gosh… Her name is Juliet

Look into the eyes of evil!


But we get along just fine most of the time.

Before Juliet came to live with us my mommy was very scared. She thought I had a tumor.. She had to wait for 5 days to find out what it was. Lucky for me it was benign and fell off after mom put stinky ointment on it.



Dog Blog Updated!



Fun Shakespeare Facts

March 16, 2007

I was born with a neurological disorder that causes me to shake my head all around like a bobble head doll when I get nervous or excited. Hence the name SHAKE-speare.

¬†I was my mama’s college graduation present to herself.

People often ask me if I am a “little Lassie,”¬†a “mini collie” or a border collie? WHAT?!?!?!?

I love chicken guts. Livers, hearts, necks.. you serve it, I eat it.

I can’t eat any type of dried or canned dog food. It gives me the runs.

I am exactly 15 inches at the shoulder.

I’ve learned to bark in an “indoor voice” while I am in the house.

I am afraid of children.

I quit agility due to some arthritis pain.

I prefer large dogs to small dogs. Other shelties are OK though.

I like my brushings, except when mama thinks it’s necessary to brush under the tail… if you know what I mean.

I look at myself in the mirror after I’ve been groomed.

My favorite movie is “Babe.” Seriously, I sit there and watch it the whole time.. and block the TV so no one else can see.

I have to watch “Planet’s Funniest Animals” at 4 o’clock on Animal Planet. I get upset if I don’t.

I HATE, and by that I mean REALLY HATE having my teeth brushed.

I passed a herding instinct test. I got a certificate and everything.

I am bilingual and English and Russian.

I have a freakishly long tongue.

Well, I think that’s just a few of some fun facts about me. Hit me up with some about you too so I get to know you better!


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I will start by saying that joining Dogs with Blogs was a pretty cool move on my part. What a sweet site. Plus there I already made friends with some cool doggers! So much fun.

Next, I wanted to say that WINTER is here. Can you believe how cold it was alst night? My little pawsies froze in about 3 minutes. I couldn’t even walk, I had no choice but to complain to mama. She rubbed my paws and we ran home. There goes my evening poopies. GRRR!

Another thing. ROAD SALT. Does anyone know WHY this is neccessary? Why would you want to melt the snow? The snow is soooo much fun. You can eat it and burry your head in it and make beautiful yellow art. Sigh. PLUS. The stuff gives mama crazy ideas.. like investing in booties for me. Dang it woman, can’t you just take a few minutes and wipe my feet when I get home.?!? Now, I know I don’t always cooperate, but I do have to check if my bones are still in their secret spots and all when I get back from outside. What if someone were to take them¬† while I wasn’t around? I would have to alert the media.

While it is entirely too cold at night, the day is not so bad. Look how much fun snow is!!!
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Woofs to all the doggers!

PS. Note how I kept the pix down to a minimum ūüôā


February 4, 2007

Hello woofs and woofettes

It has been brought to my attention that my pictures take FOREVER to load.

For this I appologize. I will tell you what I’ll do. I will leave up the posts with the pix that I already wrote, but I will keep this in mind for future posts and limit my pictures to two or three. Who suffers? The viewer of course. Deprived of Shakespeare Cuteness.

However, I do want my pages to load quicker, but ALAS I have no image editing software on the computer that has internet access. I am only a sheltie, I cannot run between two computers all day long so I will do my best to provide you with a daily dose of Shakespeare but practice moderation.

I think that is a great compromise for all!

Best of barks


Vicious Sheltie Alert!

February 1, 2007

This is a very serious issue affecting parks accross the New Jersey area

Vicious Shelties threaten to destroy everything in their path.

Don’t diregard this announcement, this could happen to you!

Don’t be fooled by their seemingly adorable exterior


When they swoop in, you have to be very cautious


When they run up to you in a whirlwind of swinging fur and flaling legs, you can be sure that you are in a lot of trouble


They are able to contort their bodies to the extreme


They can launch themselves into full flight


All of this is nothing compared to their deadly siren


A sound so piercing you may lose hearing for a few moments

They will take this opportunity to use their secret weapon




And just like that…. poof… they take off into the air again


Please be aware of this very serious threat. You never know who may be their next victim.

Thank You

Sheltie Herding Graphic

January 29, 2007

Check this one out. Brand new in the store HERE

Sheltie Master of the sheep herding t shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bag and more.
Don’t miss out.
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About What I Do

January 27, 2007

Of course, being just a little dog it is not always easy to make it in a big big world.

I found a great niche, doing what I do best — just being myself. The thing that separates me from the rest is that I look cute, no matter what I do. And I’m not being conceited here, it’s a fact. I have never heard anyone say “Wow, that dog is totally not so cute” Peoiple actually cross the street to tell me that I’m adorable.

So that’s my angle here. I will sell off my cuteness. Now some will argue that Shakespeare sold out, I am saying that that is just good sense. I mean all those agility classes and entry fees and organic chicken aren’t freee so I have to carry my own weight around here.

So I made a cafe press store. It’s just a series of basic shops right now, we’ll see if my cuteness really sells. That’s where this blog comes in. They say blogging is a great way to advertise your store so that’s what I’m doing.

 Check out my sweet designs. Click on the design to see it in the store.

First of course is the SABLE sheltie. I guess you can say that I modeled it after myself.

Photobucket - Sable sheltie

Then there is the TRI COLOR sheltie
Photobucket - TRi Color Sheltie
And don’t forget about the beautiful BLUE MERLE¬†sheltie
Photobucket - Blue merle sheltie

Please don’t forget that shetland sheepdogs are very intellegent dogs. We need a job in order to be happy. That is why shelties are constantly in the top lists of best working dogs in many dog sports such as agility, obedience, fly ball, rally-o and of course herding.
I did not forget about this.
Check out some of these cool designs, they come in sable, tri and blue merle as well!:
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Well, that’s about it from me for now.
Woof and out!
Shakes, the sexy sheltie